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Pints, Pies and Goalmouth Scrambles is a football groundhopping blog that takes a light-hearted, yet thought-provoking look at what we supporters like to call ‘The Beautiful Game’. Intertwined with tales of travel, booze, pies and whatever other shenanigans bring, will be a look at the history and the social impact of the game.

Written by a recent member of the 92 club, I’m seeking to expand my knowledge of the state of the game at all levels – mostly non-league, sometimes the top, and everything else in between.

As I live in North West England, the majority of my groundhopping will take place in the local area. However, with great access to most of England, as well as Wales and Scotland, expect visits to towns, cities and football clubs across the UK too.

My Football Groundhopping Experiences

Ever since I first travelled away to watch a football game, I’ve been enamoured (slightly obsessed) with travelling to watch football. Whilst going to watch your team at their home ground is always a joy, the comfort that the familiar surroundings provide often makes you miss the finer things that comprise a ‘day out at the football’.

See, for me, going to the football is about more than the 90 or-so minutes you spend at the ground. It’s about getting up in the morning, thinking about the game. It’s about making your way there, in the car, on the coach, bus, train or tram. It’s about meeting your mates or family, as you go for a pint/brew/meal before/after the game. It’s about the people who you sit/stand near too, perhaps you only know them from going to the same ground every other week.

So this is what this football groundhopping blog aims to capture. Yes, the football and the clubs we watch are central to our days out, but there is so much more to watching football, than football. For me, that’s pints and sometimes, pies too!

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