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Playing Offside – A Doing The 92 Book

During the previous five seasons I have been groundhopping around England’s 92 professional league clubs and writing about their histories, social impact and their prospects going forward. With a bit of football, beer, pies and mascot stalking thrown in too!

Currently I’m in the process of writing the fifth and final volume, which will be released in November 2023. You can purchase Volumes 1-4 from Amazon’s kindle store for just £5.96 – or alternatively, try Volume One for just 99p.

a doing the 92 football groundhopping book

In Playing Offside one man seeks to find the answer to one simple question: Why do people like football? It may sound like an obvious question to some, but to others, it strikes up an internal philosophical debate. Why do people pay hundreds of pounds a year to see men kick a ball about a field? Why do they spend their Saturday afternoons shouting abuse at millionaires? Why do some, travel around the country just to tick a ground 'off their list'?

The author will visit each and every professional club in England's 'traditional 92' as he attempts to sum up what each club means to their supporters and local communities. Part-match report, part-history lesson, part-autobiographical and part-breakdown - the only cylinder that Playing Offside fully hits, is that it is written by someone who truly loves the game and understands the culture of supporting a club.

In Volume One: Being sick on a train to Derby, mascot stalking and tales of being snubbed by Edgar Davids.

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